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Patient Satisfaction Survey

THANK YOU for choosing Dr. Gross and Team Gross for your treatment. We hope you have found the experience to be positive. Our #1 referral source is YOU! A former or current patient. We would appreciate it if you would...

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We welcome comments and suggestions and would appreciate it if you would take the time to give us feedback regarding your care with us. Continuous improvement is something we strive for in our office.

Feedback Regarding Your Appointment:

    1. Dr. Gross' availability.

    2. The appointment scheduling process.

    3. Comfort of waiting area.

    4. Courtesy of our reception staff.

    5. Do you feel your information was collected in a confidential manner that maintained your privacy?

    6. Helpfulness of billing staff, if applicable.

    7. Timeliness of being seen at your appointment time.

    8. Adequate time spent with Dr. Gross.

    9. Comfort of exam room.

    10. Did Dr. Gross explain things in a way you could understand?

    11. Courtesy of Dr. Gross' staff.

    12. Courtesy of x-ray techs, if applicable.

    13. Courtesy of durable medical equipment representatives.

    14. Would you recommend Dr. Gross to your family?

    15. Overall satisfaction with The Gross Team at the Orthopedic Center of St. Louis.

    About Yourself:

    16. How did you hear about Dr. Gross?

    If Other, please explain:

    17. What suggestions do you have for how we can improve our services?

    18. Additional Comments:

    Contact Information:

    In order to make certain we meet your expectations now and in the future, we will gladly follow-up with any concerns you may have. In order to facilitate this, we ask that you let us know how to contact you. You are not required to furnish contact information in order to submit your feedback.