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Chesterfield Location

We strive to treat our patients with compassion and flexibility in an effort to make the process of returning you to activities as convenient as possible. Most of the feedback we get is that we are very user friendly. Dr. Gross’ biggest referral source is former patients, this is something that we are very proud of and hope to continue.

We have established a private hotline for our patients. That number is: 314-336-2566

During clinic hours we may be in patients rooms and unable to get to the phone, but we will try our best to answer your call. If you get our voicemail, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. We also have an office email grossteam@toc-stl.com, feel free to use this option as well.

Office Hours: Our office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.   Wednesday 10am-5pm. Dr. Gross sees patients all day on Monday and Thursday and on Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Gross performs surgery Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. He primarily performs surgery at Timberlake Surgery Center. He is also on staff at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Mercy Hospital, and St. Louis Surgery Center and depending on availability of their operating rooms these locations are an option for you as well.

After hours answering service is available for emergencies: 314-995-0891

X-rays/Imaging: Dr. Gross requires x-rays to be obtained on his new patients. If you are bringing x-rays from an outside facility you may be required to have new x-rays taken if all of the views required by Dr. Gross were not obtained previously, or if the images are not current or of poor quality. If an MRI is required to diagnose your condition our office normally schedules these at Imaging Partners of Missouri, which is located on the main level of our building. Not only do they have a high resolution MRI scanner, but we try to coincide your appointment with your MRI so Dr. Gross can go over your results with you immediately afterwards. If this is not the location of your choice you have freedom of choice as you select your provider, as long as you use a high resolution MRI scanner.

Narcotic Policy: Dr. Gross has a very strict policy regarding narcotics. It is his policy that his patients will only receive prescription narcotics if they are post-operative or have an acute serious condition, and depending on the nature of your surgery or injury you should only require them for a certain amount of time. Every effort will be used to adjust you over to a non-narcotic pain medication as soon as your pain level permits. If you are in pain and over the counter pain medicine is not enough to control your pain, an option might be to contact your primary care physician for narcotic pain medicine. We also may be able to refer you to a pain management specialist.

If you are prescribed narcotic pain medication you must: Only use one pharmacy for these prescriptions. If you feel that you have good reason and must change pharmacies, you must notify us in advance. Only receive your narcotic pain medicine from one physician. It is your responsibility to call your pharmacy for refill request in a timely manner. Dr. Gross is not in the office every day, therefore, if you require a refill on your prescriptions by a certain day, please make sure your pharmacy faxes a request to us before noon. Refill requests will not be addressed on weekends, or after hours. We regret we cannot make exceptions to this rule. We ask you to inform us of your present medications. Please tell us of any new medications that you have received from other physicians at each appointment. YOU MUST USE YOUR MEDICINE AS DIRECTED, EARLY REFILLS WILL NOT BE HONORED FOR ANY REASON. DO NOT LOSE YOUR PRESCRIPTION(S). DO NOT LET OTHERS USE YOUR MEDICATIONS FOR ANY REASON. Any violation of the above may be addressed by discontinuing your narcotic medicine or referring you to a pain management specialist.

Medical Records/Disability Forms: If you need your patient information for any reason this is available by contacting our main office at 314-336-2555 and asking for the medical records department. This department is also responsible for filling out all disability and FMLA paperwork.

Billing Questions: We are pleased to bill your medical insurance for you. Please understand that our billing service is offered as a courtesy to you. It does not obligate us to wait indefinitely for payment by your carrier. Co-payments are required before your office visits and we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if you are not prepared to do so. Prior to elective surgery we will check with your insurance company to determine if prior authorization is required. It is your responsibility to also contact your insurance company to determine your coverage, check any pre-existing condition clauses, eligibility, and your financial responsibility. If you have any billing questions please contact Jenny Rolens directly at 314-336-2638.

Cape Girardeau Location